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A driving spirit behind Trump’s political career is felt by the severity of the judiciary

Roger Stone, a companion of the American president, has been charged with false statements in the Russia affair. Stone played the role of a Machiavellian whisperer for a long time, but made himself the target of the special investigator Mueller.

The special investigator in the Russia affair, Robert Mueller, has shown on Friday with a sensational action that is not to be laughed at. Military officers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) hammered on the door of Republican political adviser Roger Stone in Florida before dawn and led the 66-year-old from. Stone, a longtime friend and supporter of US President Donald Trump, was later released on bail. But an indictment published the same day gives an insight into his precarious legal situation.

Stone is charged with multiple false statements to a House committee, procedural disability and witness interference. According to this, the adviser has repeatedly made the untruth in terms of his contacts with Trump’s team and the Wikileaks disclosure platform in the 2016 presidential campaign and has tried to lure a witness into lying. Stone denies the allegations.

He is already the sixth former Advisor to the current President, who has been charged or found guilty in connection with the Russia affair. Although he was officially only in the campaign for a few months in 2015, but as an informal adviser he remained committed to the campaign. The roots of his collaboration with Trump are very deep. The two New Yorkers were at times very close in recent decades. Stone was one of the first to persistently encourage Trump to a presidential nomination.

American media describes him as a kind of Machiavelli behind Trump and as a dodgy whisperer with a penchant for dirty tricks. In fact, the political advisor never made a secret of his arrogance; one of the book‘s “rules” is that as a politician you should always deny everything, always stay on the attack, and assume that nothing motivates people more than hatred. Trump’s style of government is easily recognizable in Stone’s principles.

In this respect, the charge also has symbolic significance. In political terms, however, it does not – for the time being – be dangerous for Trump. Mueller would probably like to prove that Stone acted as a middleman between Trump and Wikileaks or even the Russians. But the indictment contains no evidence of cooperation between the two sides. On the contrary, it supports the assumption that there was no coordination between Wikileaks and Trump’s campaign regarding the publication of e-mails from the democratic camp stolen by Russian hackers. Roger Stone appears as a busybody who now has to pay for his love of denial – but not as part of a criminal plot with Moscow.

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