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Activities for couples: they can have fun without spending!

It is important to take care of the relationship. Having some ideas of economic outlets does not hurt and, luckily, the fun does not have to do with the price.

For those who enjoy the day more:

1. Picnic

Generally, when we think of a meal as a couple, we imagine a romantic candlelight dinner. But for many parents dinner time is the most fatigued of the day, so they do not enjoy that moment so much that it should be pleasant to relax. It is a good idea to have a picnic for breakfast, lunch or snack. They can talk quietly and without the accumulated fatigue of the day. If they can meet one day a week at noon, it can be a nice way to break the routine, especially if they both work and do not see each other until they leave work.

2. Nature

It is the cheapest exit there is, and probably the most popular of all. Going to a park, a plaza, a beach or a forest is always attractive and romantic, and you almost never have to pay for admission.

3. Sport

Exercising together is not only economical, it is also healthy. Going for a walk, jogging, running or biking together can help them feel younger and healthier, while enjoying being alone in a pleasant environment. Playing sports alone is not the same as doing it in company; it is definitely enjoyed more as a couple! They can propose objectives, motivate each other, and accompany each other. And another good idea: you can create a playlist to accompany you!

For those who like the night more:

4. Nights of walk through Montevideo

Walking and admiring the illuminated city is a romantic activity. Many love stories begin at night, so they can relive magical moments of the couple!

5. Campfire with roasted brochettes or marshmallows

Like the picnic, it is an original option that breaks with the usual routines. And they have thousands of options to make at the campfire plus grilled brochettes or marshmallows!

6. Observe the stars

We recommend you lie down on the grass to look at the stars. You can download the free app “Star Map”. Pointing at the sky with the GPS of the cell phone will see the constellations, stars, planets and satellites that are around. You can also have a glass of wine and watch a movie on the computer watching the stars. You have to leave the comfort zone and look for more comfort!

7. Organize theme nights

They can organize theme nights, for example, a night that is “retro”, another night of “horror movies”, another night of some country, etc. and that everything is thought based on that theme (food, decoration, music, etc.). So, for example, if the subject is Brazil, you can dance samba, eat feijoada, etc.

8. Workshop

You can do a free workshop together to update yourself in a different way. Learning new things can motivate them to share and the fact of doing it together guarantees fun. We recommend Google Activate that has free online or classroom courses and that has courses from different universities in the world.

9. Accompany in the tastes

Most couples focus on all the things they have in common, forgetting that differences are also important. Share your tastes with the other member of the couple, for example, if you like to paint, at times you can do it together. There is nothing better than doing what you like and being able to share it with the person you chose to be the rest of your life! And the fact of sharing that time will be valuable.

So that the kids do not stay outside, we also propose family-friendly fun:

•             Outdoor sports: go for a walk or ride a bike together

•             Cooking night: cooking something together

•             Game night: Board games / Sudoku competitions or Crosswords: they can make tournaments with fun bets

•             Film series: watch movies online with pop included!

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