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Be one with the serpent. Feel and understand them “

Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, would have turned 57 today. For some he was crazy, for the others he was a hero – and still is. If it had not been for the deadly sting of a stingray.

Es is a legendary scene that really says it all about Steve Irwin: In front of the camera, it can be bitten by a snake and fall rather than panicking, he smiles a little about it and explain calmly what the reptile has since just made.

Even as the snake continues to wind around his neck, he does not want to get rid of her. Instead, he positions himself so that the camera can capture the snake well. Next to him is a young presenter, who is standing in the face of terror and who is at a distance. “Oh my god, does that hurt?” She asks. “No,” says Steve Irwin, shaking his Vokuhila hair as if nothing had happened.

Irwin probably did not even resent the attack. The documentary filmmaker died as he had lived – always in contact with wild animals. That was his mission: “Save the wildlife,” he had once said about himself. Above all, the beings who were actually considered “unloved” and are therefore particularly threatened, were particularly close to his heart. As an animal catcher, he repeatedly rescued crocodiles from humans if they had come too close.

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