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Type AMEN for this prayer

There was a day a man entered a bus..Suddenly a mad man ran to the bus, pointed at a normal man and shouted “MAD MAN COME DOWN” Everybody was surprised and was laughing at the mad man, the mad man came again and pointed to this young man and shouted”MAD …

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Things that children don’t understand

I always remember that I did an interesting thing when I was 6 years old. One morning, after Dad got up, brushing his face and washing my face, I saw Dad picking up a strange knife and scraping a few times on his chin. I am very curious, I don’t …

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History of the change of the bikini

There are thousands of peoples in the world, which makes the clothes varied. However, swimwear is a special case. All swimwear is becoming more and more simple, and more and more exposed body parts are exposed. The picture is the earliest swimwear in 1902, and the neckline is relatively large. Swimwear …

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