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Controversy on Article 35A why??

Constitution of India is the supreme law. Currently it has 448 articles which are made for the proper function of the government. It has a special article 35A related to Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir always give rise to lots of controversies. Recently there is controversy on article 35 A of constitution. Let us know in brief about the article and controversy related to it.

What is Article 35A?

  • Article 35-A is the article of the Constitution in which
    Special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir in the constitution
  • In the year 1954, on May 14, President Dr. Rajendra Prasad passed an order. Through this order a new Article 35A was added to the Constitution. This right has been given under Article 370.
  • In 1956, the constitution of Jammu Kashmir constitutes the permanent citizenship.
  • According to the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir, a permanent citizen is a person who has been a citizen of the state on May 14, 1954 or has been living in the state for 10 years before that, and he has got property there.
  • External people cannot buy property in Jammu and Kashmir
  • External people cannot work in state government

Why it is opposed??

Two arguments are given prominently in opposition to Article 35A.

  • Firstly, it prohibits the acceptance of Indian citizens of other states as permanent residents in the state. Because of this, the citizens of other states can neither get a job in Jammu and Kashmir nor can they purchase the property.
  • With this, if a girl from any state married a citizen of another state, she is deprived of her rights in the state on the basis of Article 35A. It has been linked separately to the Constitution and it is being opposed

In 2014, an NGO filed an application seeking the termination of this article. The hearing of this case is to be held in the Supreme Court today.

However The Supreme Court has postponed the hearing on Article 35A Monday. The next hearing of the case will be on August 27.The apex court said that he will make a detailed review of the matter. The court said that he will see that the original sense of the constitution has not been affected by this article

Delhi’s NGO ‘We the Citizen’ has filed a petition in the Supreme Court

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