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History of the change of the bikini

There are thousands of peoples in the world, which makes the clothes varied. However, swimwear is a special case. All swimwear is becoming more and more simple, and more and more exposed body parts are exposed.

The picture is the earliest swimwear in 1902, and the neckline is relatively large.

Swimwear in 1919, this time there is a two-piece swimsuit that is not a piece, this is a leap in the change of swimsuit, and also a prelude to the appearance of bikini.

In the 1920s, women had to wear thick shirts with long ankles and a hat to cover up the body and keep it decent. When they get out of the water, the waiters will wear them robes so that they can’t see their wet body.

In 1928, the appearance of Miss Beauty Beauty Swimwear

The 1945 bikini has appeared in the world.

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