Kerala faces the worst floods in the last 100 years. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) had donated 700 crores to help Kerala. However, the Indian government has refused to accept aid from the UAE.

The Government of India has humbly rejected the funding of 700 crore rupees given by the UAE. The Indian government has such a policy that it is going to come out of the crisis under the country itself. According to this policy, the central government has asked the Kerala government to declare a humble denial of help for foreign aid.

From the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a sum of Rs 700 crores has been donated. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan informed about this. Many people in Kerala are living in UAE on the occasion of workshops. Considering the contribution of Kerala is in the development of the Emirates, the UAE government has helped. About 30 lakhs Indians are from UAE, 80 percent of them are from Kerala.

The rainfall in Kerala has decreased and the flooding has started. So, now the Kerala government will face a big challenge to streamline life. The cabinet meeting was chaired by Kerala Chief Minister Pinarai Vijayan yesterday. It decided to call a special package of Rs 2,600 crore.
More than 400 people have died in the floods in Kerala, and more than 14 lakhs have become homeless. Moreover, many are still missing.

Kerala Finance Minister Thomas Isaac, in a tweet, said

“We asked the Union government for financial support of Rs 2200 crore; they grant us a precious Rs 600 crore. We make no request to any foreign government but UAE government voluntarily offers Rs 700cr. No, says Union government, it is below our dignity to accept foreign aid. This is a dog in the manger policy!

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