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Miss Germany: Natali wants to bring the title to Thuringia!

Miss Thuringia Natali Greko in a big interview on Fuerteventura

You’re on Fuerteventura now, probably the sun is shining. Make us jealous!

Yes, it is really great weather. I feel like I am in the middle of June, July. Hard to believe that Germany is seven, eight degrees. That’s great.

What are you doing on the island, what does your everyday life look like there?

So basically today is a relatively relaxed day. I was allowed to sleep in a bit. Today I have a photo shoot only at 14 o’clock, that’s why I’m lying right now by the pool.

The days before, it was really awesome. The day before yesterday, for example, I was already awake at 5.30 am, was in the mask at 6 am, was prepared and made-up. Then it was already at 7 o’clock to the sea, to record the great scenery before the sunrise. Then I had a video shoot for the finale, an interview, a call to a newspaper, then team meeting, two workshops, then there was dinner.

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