Today 25th august is remembered as rohingyas genocide day, rohingya refuges had stated a protest on the first anniversary of Myanmar military crackdown which forced them to flee to Bangladesh. They want justice. Rallies and marches have been organized with a slogan” we want justice from UN.”

A protester Noor kamal said “We faced genocide last year in Myanmar on august 25. We want justice for that.”

What was rohingyas massacre? Rohingyas terrorists in Myanmar had killed 99 Hindus last year. Many of these women and children were also involved. According to the report, in the middle of 2017, the Arakan Rohingyas Salvation Army (ARSA) seriously violated human rights. In the unlawful way, people were mortgaged and they were murdered. Rohingyas Army also recruited local villagers to execute the slaughter. During this, thousands of Rohingya entered into neighboring Bangladesh by putting a check in the violent clashes over the checkpoints. In August last year, more than 70 thousand Rohingyas had to leave the country during the conflict. Now they are living in Bangladesh’s relief camps. On the other hand, Myanmar soldiers have also been accused of barbarity with Rohingyas women.

Who are Rohingyas Muslims?
Rohingyas Muslims are predominantly a minority living in Myanmar’s Arakan province.
Centuries ago the Mughal rulers of Arakan had settled them here. In the year 1785, Buddhists of Burma captured the southern part of the country, Arakan. They tried to throw out thousands of Rohingyas Muslims and tried to drive them out. After this, the period of violence and slaughter was initiated between people of Buddhism and Rohingyas, which continues till now.
Myanmar government does not regard them as its citizens

There are about one million Rohingyas Muslims living in Myanmar, but Myanmar government does not consider these people as their citizens.
There is no country of these people in this way. They have been facing gruesome suppression since the beginning.
For the past some time there have been gruesome riots in the country, where Rohingyas Muslims had to bear the most loss of life and property.
Because of this, they are living in refugee camps located on the border of Bangladesh and Thailand, where their condition is very bad. Nearly 3 lakhs refugees have been sheltered on the border of Bangladesh.

Refugees are protesting to get justice. They want to be recognized as rohingyas.

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