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Things that children don’t understand

I always remember that I did an interesting thing when I was 6 years old. One morning, after Dad got up, brushing his face and washing my face, I saw Dad picking up a strange knife and scraping a few times on his chin. I am very curious, I don’t know what Dad is doing, I want to try it. After my father finished scraping, I picked up the knife and learned how my father looked. I scraped it twice. I suddenly felt that my chin was very uncomfortable. I don’t know what happened. I took a look at the mirror and frowned. It turned out to be bleeding. I was so scared that my father and mother rushed over and looked at it. I still had my father’s knife in my hand. They understood that I had done a stupid thing, and I was so angry and funny. My mother quickly affixed a band-aid to me. After the band-aid was just posted, I felt that it was not good-looking and uncomfortable. Dad took the knife and said to me with a smile: “Stupid child, this knife is called a razor, it is a special shaving. The girl will never have a long beard, so you don’t need to use this.” Mom said “You can’t use the razor anymore in the future, or you will really grow a beard.” This can scare me, and I cry even more.

  Now I gradually understand that things or things that children don’t understand, you should ask adults, you can’t just use the things of adults, or you will suffer.

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