Whatsapp has refused to develop software to locate the original source of the message on its platform. The government had demanded such technology from the company, which it has turned down. The government wants that Whatsapp develops such a solution that can detect the source of fake or false information. It is noteworthy that such incidents have happened in the country by the fraudulent information. However till yesterday Whatsapp was ready to meet the govt demands but now they have taken a complete u turn and rejected the govt demands.

Whats app reason for rejecting govt demands?

About this, a spokeswoman of Whatsapp said that the creation of such software would affect the encroachment from one side to the other side and also affect the personal nature of the whatsapp.By doing so, it will create more chances of misuse We will not undermine privacy protection.
He said that people are dependent on exchanging all kinds of sensitive information through Whatsapp. The spokesperson said, “Our focus is on working with others in India and educating people about wrong information. Through this, we want to keep people safe. “

During the last few months there has been a spread of false information from the Forum of Whatsapp, which has led to the killing of people by the beating of the crowd in India. The company is facing criticism for this. Whatsapp chief Chris Daniels met Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Information Technology this week. Prasad had told reporters that the government has asked to develop a technology solution to create a local corporate unit from Whatsapp and to locate the original source of fake message. Along with this, Prasad also lauded the contribution of Face book’s company. Daniels had refused to comment after the meeting. However now Whatsapp has taken a u turn and refused to track the origin of message.

There are general elections to be held next year in the country. In such a situation, the government is taking stringent measures to prevent the spread of fake news from social media platform like Face book, Twitter and Whatsapp. The number of Whatsapp users in the world is one and a half billion. India is the largest market for the company. There are more than two million people who use Whatsapp.

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